8 Reasons You Can Be Looking Forward to Life After Dental Implants

Benefits of dental implants

Lifestyle Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a very popular alternative to dentures and dental bridges, but there is one downside—the months of healing required for the implant to fuse to the bone.

Dental implant surgery has one of the longest healing periods of any dental restoration or oral surgery. It’s certainly understandable why some people may initially balk at the idea of implants. However, ask anyone with healed, healthy dental implants, and they’ll agree that the wait was absolutely worth the few months of inconvenience. 

Here are 8 major advantages you can look forward to experiencing after your dental implants heal.

1. Your face will look fuller and more youthful, and we bet you’ll feel younger and more attractive too.

After the initial post-surgery swelling wears off, you’ll notice that your face actually looks fuller and younger. This is because the gaps in your smile have been filled, eliminating the sagging face look. Since dental implants stimulate healthy jaw bone density, you also won’t experience the premature facial aging that’s so common with dentures.

2. You’ll feel more socially confident when interacting with others, which often makes people take you more seriously.

Missing teeth or worrying about slipping dentures can tank your self-confidence. Dental implants boost your self-confidence and give you the most natural-looking smile possible. Although looks aren’t everything, many people do form first impressions based on teeth. With a full, beautiful smile and renewed self-confidence, you might find the people around you are more receptive.

3. The confidence boost could be what you need to finally ask that person out or apply to that new job.

Speaking of self-confidence, another added benefit is that many people will feel braver and more assured in their actions. With a new smile and all the positive feelings that come with it, you might find that you’re finally ready to go out on dates, ask for a raise, or interview for that new job you’ve been dreaming about. 

4. You will smile more, and that feeling of freedom and happiness will only keep you smiling. 

Smiling is infectious! You’ll feel so proud of your smile, which means you’ll smile more than usual. You’ll notice you’re beaming in pictures or when you catch your reflection when you’re out with loved ones. What’s even better is the happiness you feel from smiling only makes you feel happier inside. Science backs the idea that people who smile a lot are happier and even healthier, living longer than those who rarely smile.

5. Your speech will sound clearer, especially if your tooth loss caused a lisp or other impediment. 

Missing teeth can often cause speech impediments or a lisp, adding to the embarrassment of dealing with tooth loss. Some people even find that their speech changes when they get dental bridges or dentures. This isn’t really an issue with dental implants; after getting used to your new prosthetic teeth, you’ll be able to speak clearly and confidently. 

6. Dental implants are an investment, and you’ll want to protect that investment by prioritizing dental care.

Dental implants aren’t a simple tooth replacement option, but the time and money invested into surgery have a hidden benefit. People naturally prioritize caring for something they’ve spent significant time and money on to get the most value from their investment. Dental implants often trigger the same effect by motivating people to prioritize their oral health at home and not skip six-month checkups and cleanings.

7. You’ll be able to eat everything you want, which enhances your experience and boosts your health.

Food is especially wonderful when you have a full, healthy smile free of discomfort or wobbly restorations. Once your implants are healed, you’ll be able to return to a varied diet and be able to eat basically everything anyone with natural teeth can. Being able to chew thoroughly can enhance your tasting experience, and having fun with meals might even encourage you to try cooking at home or to take culinary classes as a hobby.

Taste is important, but nutrition is paramount to a healthy body and mind. As you expand your diet and no longer feel stuck with soft foods only, you’ll probably notice your energy levels increase, and you feel better overall.

8. The fear of needing dentures or the discomfort of wearing dentures will become a thing of the past. 

People who struggle with oral health and have already experienced tooth loss often fear the idea of eventually wearing dentures. And people who currently wear dentures often feel unhappy with them because they’re uncomfortable or anxiety-inducing. Dental implants eliminate the need for dentures and give you prosthetic teeth that actually mimic the real thing. They are a permanent solution, and the implant posts will last your lifetime.

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The average healthy adult is likely a candidate for dental implant surgery. Still, you’ll need to be evaluated to ensure it’s a safe and effective solution for your tooth loss. Underlying medical conditions and some medications may make implant surgery not possible at this time, but perhaps it could be an option in the future.

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