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Oral health and your overall well-being.

5 Ways a Whole-Person Dental Approach Benefits Your Oral and General Health

From your head to your toes: Oral health affects more than the mouth. We’ve all heard the rhyme. Your head bone’s connected to your neck bone, your neck bone’s connected to your … Well, you know the drill. But the idea doesn’t just apply to your bones—it’s also accurate for the rest of your body.…
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Benefits of clear aligners.

Invisible Braces: 5 Ways Clear Aligners Are a Game-Changer for Adult Orthodontics

Adults have often avoided orthodontic treatment in the past due to concerns about traditional braces. Today, more patients are coming around to the idea thanks to clear aligners. This modern treatment method provides the benefits of orthodontics while overcoming reservations adult patients have about braces. The five ways clear aligners may change your life. If…
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Oral health and mental health are connected.

Mouth Matters: What You Should Know About Your Oral Health and Mental Well-being

It’s easy to look at different areas of your health, whether mental, emotional, physical, or dental, as separate. However, the reality isn’t anywhere near that simple. Your oral health and mental well-being are closely linked, each having an impact on the other. Understanding that connection can help you improve your health in both areas. The…
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Don't skip your regular dental checkups!

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups for Comprehensive Dental Care

Regular dental checkups are essential for complete dental care. Some people may wonder why you need to see the dentist at least twice a year, but it’s important to see the team at Compass Dental Group every six months to stay on top of your dental care because regular dental checkups can catch a dental…
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