Easter Candy Showdown: The 5 Worst Offenders for Braces

Easter candy and braces.

One of the things people imagine when they think of Easter is candy. Easter candy is as pretty as it is delicious, but it also presents challenges for people who wear braces. For orthodontic health, it’s important to know which candies pose the biggest threat to your braces so you can keep them and your teeth safe.

The Love For Easter Candy, and Sugar’s Impact on Teeth

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallows, and so many other kinds of candies make Easter something that both adults and children look forward to. There’s the fun in finding the candy during egg hunts and the joy of seeing all of the iterations of cute animals.

The problem is that sugar is not great for your teeth. Sugar feeds the bacteria that you have in your mouth, leading to the production of acids that wear away at the enamel, which results in tooth decay and cavities.

The Top 5 Easter Candies to Avoid With Braces

Whether you have clear braces or metal braces, candy not only has the potential to damage your teeth but the devices. Experts in orthodontics always warn about the potential issues that the various types of candies can cause, from breaking wires to damaging the brackets that attach to your teeth.

1. Sticky and Gummy Candies

The stickiness of certain candies can lead to bits of them getting stuck in the braces. This can potentially damage the braces themselves, while the candy particles attract bacteria that cause tooth damage. Chewing gummy candies is a problem for the structure of the braces too, potentially warping wires.

2. Hard Candies

Hard candies can lead to all kinds of issues with your braces. Whether you have teeth retainers, regular metal braces, or clear aligners, you can end up cracking parts of the devices if you try to chew hard candies.

3. Chewy Caramel Treats

These are some of the worst offenders. Caramels are difficult for everyone to chew, but they can be especially tricky for those wearing braces. Caramel easily gets caught in the metal wires and brackets of your braces, potentially dislodging them. Caramel particles also get stuck in hard-to-reach parts of the braces, allowing bacteria to grow.

4. Crunchy Candy-Coated Eggs

The hard candy coating of crunchy candy-coated eggs is difficult on your braces, leading to bent and cracked wires. A crunchy interior can also cause particles to remain in the braces. You may not even notice there’s anything stuck, which means that the braces can start to slowly warp out of place, or bacteria will have the chance to feed off the sugar.

5. Sour Candies

The acidity in sour candies wears down enamel. Although these candies don’t damage the braces directly, they can lead to cavities that require treatment. That could mean removing the braces to deal with tooth decay. This interrupts the orthodontic process.

Oral Care Tips for Easter Candy Lovers

If you have wire braces, clear aligners, or even if you don’t have braces at all, you want to take care of your teeth during the Easter season. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy candy, but it does mean you should take some steps to prioritize oral health.

One of the best ways to protect your teeth is to brush them after eating candy. When you brush your teeth, you’re removing the sugary residue that bacteria feed on, minimizing potential damage. Make sure to brush around the brackets and in all of the spots that are hard to reach.

You also want to drink water after having candy, especially if you don’t have time to brush your teeth. Water washes away food residue while encouraging the production of saliva. Saliva can neutralize some of the bacteria in your mouth, so staying hydrated is important for oral health.

Remember that even if you wear clear retainers, which you can remove, you still want to brush your teeth after eating candy. This small step can help prevent bacteria from staying on your teeth while you wear the retainers—and it prevents your retainers from being stained.

Enjoying Easter While Maintaining Oral Health

Experts in orthodontics recommend minimizing your consumption of sugary foods, but that can be tough to do during Easter. The temptation to enjoy your favorite candies can be powerful, but it’s crucial that you avoid damaging any of the devices you may have.

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