7 Tips for Making a Trip to the Dentist a Happy Family Event

Family dentist near Maryville MO

Make a day out of visiting the dentist with the entire family.

A trip to your family dentist near Maryville MO doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. To keep anyone in your family from feeling overwhelmed or anxious about your upcoming visit to Compass Dental Group, try some of these tips to make the day go more smoothly.

1. Schedule your family’s appointments on the same day.

Your entire family needs to see the dentist at least twice a year, and since the team at Compass Dental Group sees patients of all ages, why not make a day of it and have your entire family get their annual cleanings and evaluations done on the same day? This way, you can all be seen by the Compass Dental Group team on the same day and share the same experience! It also means you don’t have to juggle multiple schedules and—as much as we love seeing our patients—make multiple trips to our practice.

2. Highlight your dental visit on the calendar.

If you have a family calendar, make sure the date of your dental visit is prominently displayed. This way, the family can count down until their appointment day. In the weeks leading up to the visit, have your family do their oral health routine together, and ensure everyone is brushing their teeth properly for the right amount of time. If you have anxious children, this daily oral hygiene care time can be used to discuss what will happen at the dentist office during their visit.

3. Prepare the night before.

The night before a dental visit may make some patients anxious, but there is no need for that. If your child is experiencing some anxiety, reassure them that the team at Compass Dental Group is there to make their smile healthy. Visit our website and get familiar with the dental team. You can even research the internet to find educational videos that explain what a visit to the dentist is like, and explain the sights and sounds in a kid-friendly way.

4. Create a plan for the day of the visit.

On the day of your dental visit, it’s important to make sure you and your children follow your normal dental hygiene routine. If your appointment is early in the morning, make sure everyone is up on time to have breakfast and then brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. Plan a simple breakfast the night before that will leave everyone with plenty of time for their oral care before heading out the door to your visit.

5. Bring something for the waiting room.

Sometimes, waiting can be the worst part of going to the dentist. Have your child bring their favorite quiet activity with them—like a book to read, a puzzle book, or a tablet with headphones—so they have an activity to keep them occupied while in the waiting room. Sometimes, brain stimulation can keep the anxiety to a minimum. The fun activity can also keep your child busy while waiting for you and/or other siblings to be finished with their dental appointments.

6. What if I’m anxious about my visit?

At Compass Dental Group, we work to make sure you’re comfortable, but we understand that you can’t help feeling anxious sometimes, especially if you’ve had bad experiences at a dentist in the past. If you’re feeling anxious, you might try practicing some grounding techniques. Grounding is a way to be present in the moment and push away anxious feelings by using deep breathing and visualization strategies. Try them out before heading to our office to help you decompress.

7. Plan something to do together after your visit.

After your dental visit, finish the day with a family activity! 

One option is a trip for a special treat. Take a trip to Kris and Kate’s to enjoy some ice cream or yogurt as a treat for a great dental checkup! Just be sure to brush your teeth afterward!

Maryville, Mo. also offers a plethora of activities close to home. If you have older children and are looking for an adventure, check out Mozingo Outdoor Educational Recreation Area (MOERA) to test out their ropes course. 

If you want to take a stroll, there is the Deer Run Trail, which is perfect for a family walk through nature and along the lake.

And there is always the Maryville Public Library, where everyone can pick out their favorite book or movie to take home, or participate in a story hour while at the library.

Compass Dental Group can’t wait to see you!

The team at Compass Dental Group can’t wait for you and your family to schedule your appointments. We love to help keep your smiles in tip top shape, and love when families come in for their biannual appointments together. If you haven’t seen us in a while, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and schedule your dental checkups today!