General Dentistry

Find the cause of your tooth sensitivity.

The Root of the Problem: 5 Things to Know About Tooth Sensitivity

Just how serious is having sensitive teeth? Tooth sensitivity is prevalent among adults. Studies estimate that up to 33.5% of people live with tooth sensitivity and the condition is most ...
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Oral health care at every age

Comprehensive Oral Health Care Throughout the Ages: What to Expect Decade by Decade

No matter how old you are, ensuring you have healthy teeth is as crucial as undergoing regular physicals with your doctor. Good oral health by age ensures you’re protected from ...
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Healthy teeth vacation style

Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Your Summer Vacation

Keep up with your dental routine while you are on vacation this summer. Summer vacation is the time to let loose, have fun, and relax, but that doesn’t mean you ...
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Sealants help save teeth

5 Instances When You Might Want To Consider Sealants for Cavity Prevention

Have you ever felt like your teeth are constantly under attack? Between the sugary snacks and the sneaky bacteria hiding in your mouth, it's no wonder that cavities are a ...
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A healthy smile is important

4 Ways a Healthy Smile Equals a Healthy Body

Have you ever heard that oral health is the gateway to overall health? It's true, and it makes sense when you start to think about it. Whether you eat too ...
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What is tooth plaque

What Is Tooth Plaque and Why Is It So Important to Keep It Away?

We know it’s not the most attractive topic, tooth plaque. But the truth is that tooth plaque is part of our daily lives. Trying to prevent the development of tooth ...
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Why teeth need to be professionally cleaned

5 Ways Regular Professional Dental Cleanings Are Different From Good Home Oral Care

Why teeth need to be professionally cleaned. You use the best oral care products, own the latest powered toothbrush, and your dental care routine is outstanding. In fact, maybe you ...
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Oral hygiene with a health condition

6 Tips for Good Oral Hygiene When Your Health Condition Requires Snacking

For many Americans, the battle of the bulge is real, and calorie restriction, diets, frequent exercise, and more are parts of the daily routine. But for some people, specific ailments ...
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How to take care of braces

How to Take Care of Clear Aligners Versus How to Take Care of Braces

Caring for aligners or braces is as simple as ABC. When you’re receiving orthodontic treatment with either clear aligners or braces, you can generally rely on these treatments to do ...
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Family dentist near Maryville MO

7 Tips for Making a Trip to the Dentist a Happy Family Event

Make a day out of visiting the dentist with the entire family. A trip to your family dentist near Maryville MO doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. To keep ...
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